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Gabriel Papadopoulos

Gabriel Papadopoulos embodies the modern American Dream. Of Greek descent, he arrived in the United States in 1982 with little more than a strong work ethic and a desire for education. Through perseverance and dedication, he seized the opportunities America offered. Gabriel earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Lee University and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Saint Leo University. Gabriel is devoted to his family, married to his wife Jodie, and blessed with five children. His older children are making significant contributions in the arts, education, technology, and the military, while his youngest is still in high school. An Ordained Minister, Gabriel is the founder and Senior Pastor of New Horizons Church. He also served in the Cyprus military. His community spirit led him to establish organizations like Feeding Pasco’s Elderly, Empowering Pasco’s Veterans, and Uplifting Neighbors. Gabriel dedicated 31 years to Pasco County Government, rising to the role of Community Services Director, where he oversaw Veteran Services, Human Services, and Senior Services Divisions. Gabriel’s strong faith and conservative values guide his personal and professional life. A resident of Pasco County for over 35 years, he continues to serve the community tirelessly, ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to achieve their own American Dream.

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Why Papadopoulos?

Discover why Gabriel Papadopoulos is what our state needs!


Create a community advisory committee to identify special senior programs and projects.


Improve overall awareness of resources available to veterans.

Family Wellness

Establish an initiative to assist families with financial management, education, health and wellness, legal advice, and no cost or affordable services.

Law Enforcement

Recognize the relentless work and positive contributions that law enforcement offer to the community. Reinforcing retirement benefits and the livelihood of their families after service is a priority.

First Responders

Recognize their vital efforts in ensuring the safety and well-being of our local citizens. Including reinforcing their retirement benefits and livelihood after service.

Community & Economic Growth

Work with individuals, businesses and various organizations to stimulate and facilitate economic growth

Common Sense Infrastructure

Pursue balanced infrastructure growth and eliminate aggressive development. Ensure there is equitable distribution of necessary services to include roads, schools, hospitals, utilities and essential facilities between rural and urban regions.

County Statistics

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